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Weight Loss

The most SUSTAINABLE way of getting back in shape, without losing muscle mass or increasing body fat, with absolutely ZERO cravings, while enjoying tasty, nutritious meals that only take minutes to prepare.

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Therapeutic Nutrition

Plant-based, superfood-packed, micro-molecular nutrition increases immunity, energy levels, vitality and helps boost the organism’s natural repair mechanisms, in order to (re) build & enhance overall health.

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Superfood Doctor programs


Immunity is bad when it's either deficient or hyper-active. We can help with both situations: solve a common cold or survive the germs your kid brought home from school or kindergarten; and then also temper autoimmune conditions, like psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, lupus or atopic dermatitis.


Duration: 1 month | Consultations: 4

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BRAIN Tonics ℠

Daily stress, poor quality sleep, unhealthy food choices & lack of physical exercise can cause severe damage to your neural tissue. Especially if your job is sedentary and you spend most of your working hours in front of the computer, you are in desperate need of our superfood-packed brain tonic recipes!


Duration: 2 months | Consultations: 8

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Hormone HEALTH

Reversing symptoms of endocrine imbalance is only possible when your body functions properly and is unaffected by external conditions. Whether we are talking about thyroid, pancreatic or reproductive hormones, we can help you get rid of the nasty symptoms and majorly lower your medication doses. 


Duration: 3 months | Consultations: 12

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Natural testimonials

I liked my connection with Olivia and the fact that she encouraged me to exceed my limits. From the first consultation I felt we had a special chemistry and the dr. did not disappoint me during the next meetings. She has helped me to change my life altogether, to become healthier and more active, and thanks to her and to switching to a vegan diet, I started running and participating in 5k races after 35 years of age (which I did not think would ever be possible, because before 35 years I had never run more than 500m). Before meeting Olivia I was sick most of the time and I was on medical leave every month. After that, I did not have one day of medical leave in the last 3 years. It's incredible how, just by being aware of what you eat and how you eat your food, your life can change for the better. I have also changed from a physical point of view (my dimensions have changed in a pleasant way), while from the spiritual point of view the change is complete: I do not have anxiety attacks, I do not have claustrophobia anymore - it's just incredible how much changing your diet can help you. I encourage everyone to change their diet if they do not feel good, but do it with the help of a specialized nutritionist. I recommend Olivia to all my acquaintances. I'm incredibly happy she's back!
I liked dr Olivia's patience and skills in explaining how to naturally solve my medical problems and I was impressed by her knowledge in the field of holistic nutrition and dietotherapy. I learned how to correctly combine food and that raw foods can be medicine for our body. I also learned how to make raw foods tasty, how important superfoods are and that a healthy lifestyle means regular meals, plenty of water and as many unprocessed foods as possible. I became more organised with my meals and I pay more attention to the food I buy from stores (read carefully the containing ingredients). I have improved my health condition greatly: my cholesterol has decreased, my blood pressure has regulated, my back pain has reduced, in the past two months I have not had a stroke and my mental state is a lot better, in the sense that I feel positive, optimistic, and eager for life. I very much like the new lifestyle I adopted.
Since I started the consulting sessions (and especially in the beginning it was more obvious), I have more energy in my body. What I liked was that I often noticed I can see better at night or in the evening, at dusk, when I drive - fact that gives me higher driving confidence. I also often noticed at different times of the day that I can hear (better and easily) the music that had to be at full volume in the earphones; and some days I hear the music clearly - with the earphones on the table and me standing up. Here I have to be more careful to see how to hold on to these results, so that my hearing is constantly improving. Thank you!
After unsuccessful attempts to 'treat' many 'abnormalities' in my body (increased androgen levels, micropolycystic ovarian syndrome, contraceptive pills that led to hypothyroidism, then treatment for it), I decided to quit contradictory methods and look for something natural and healthy for me. The Internet brought me to The Superfood Doctor. I was hoping to get help, but I did not even imagine what was waiting for me. :) I liked EVERYTHING, first of all because I understood everything. I liked that I was listened to and that I got all my questions answered. That the sessions are beyond nutrition, a way to become aware of things about me. That I discovered how much I like the kitchen, especially the raw one. Thanks dr Olivia. During these 3 months I had regular menstrual cycles and I fell in love with my flat abdomen and my skin. I feel perfect, but I still have to struggle with myself, because the changes were made only on the outside. In the end, I just want the person reading these lines to know that it's not hard to make a major change in your life if YOU want it.
Consultation sessions with dr. Olivia came exactly at the right time, when I was making the worst possible food choices (I'd eat every day at the Pastry shop). I had gained at least 5 kg in a record time and almost gave up daily exercise in favor of laziness and sedentary life. Step by step, through weekly counselling and follow-up with the Dr, I started a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet, and in just two months after the beginning of the consultancy program I had lost the 5kg I accumulated, I started eating only clean and light foods that I felt nourished my body and I was completely disciplined concerning my food choices, without any exceptions. Moreover, I have never felt so WELL in my body as I feel right now.
Before the first meeting I had so many questions that I finished all the post-its on my desk. All were related to nutrition, food combinations, vitamin and protein intake, and many more related to live food and the plant-based diet. After the first 2-3 sessions I realized that these were not the questions I had to ask. And not because I did not receive an answer to them. Instead of a nutritionist who gives you a list of foods that you 'are allowed' to eat in order to be healthy or lose weight or increase muscle mass, I had found an extraordinary person who helped me discover the importance of balance, acceptance and self-love. Among these very important 'drops', I also learned what principles of the plant-based diet I need to follow, in order to prevent any imbalances, deficiencies or surpluses. What more could I ask for? Maybe 13 sessions more. :)
I liked that dr Olivia was always positive and focused during the sessions. At first I had some trouble following the schedule and implementing healthy habits, but dr Olivia was very 'supportive' and brought me back on track every time. She focused on my goals and challenges and created from the very beginning some custom-tailored solutions just to me. I have learned that: 1) You can live without meat. 2) It's not hard to change your eating habits if you really want it. 3) The difference between eating healthy and unhealthy is just a decision you can make whenever you want to - as long as you are self-conscious when you make the decision. How I changed: 1) I created an inner voice that reminds me of how bad I feel after eating junk-food and that does not let me succumb to any small temptation. 2) I take more and more often the decision to eat healthy when I'm faced with making a choice. 3) I feel a little healthier and more energetic and I am sure that if I continue, these sensations will intensify.

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Nutrient-dense, yet light, soups & dips for health enthusiasts.

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