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We can help you discover what services suit your needs best.

If you haven't found the right program for you in our Nutritional Programs page, or if you have a more specific need, we have designed this page to help you determine your domain of interest.

The 'Personal' counselling option is for private patients that need a more specific preventive or therapeutical approach, than the ones listed in our Programs page.

The 'Business' counselling option is for companies that want to either: offer top-level, professional, state-of-the-art nutritional services to their employees, or for executives that need to stay in shape & focused to deliver best performance with their daily tasks & busy schedule.

The Meal Planning options include both Food & Non-food industries.
This means that, aside from restaurants, cafes or professional chefs, we can also process requests from companies that want to implement healthy, nutritious, superfood-packed meals for their employees.

You can book A day with The Superfood Doctor if you wish to benefit from dr Olivia's pertinent insight on a superfood-based lifestyle.
Please note that this service does not include medical consultations.

Last, but not least, we organise high-profile Workshops & Seminars, so please make sure to check our FB page or the relevant chapter below, to see what's next in line for you.


Self discovery is the most empowering time of your life.


This booking option is reserved solely to medical cases that cannot relate to any of the nutritional programs displayed in our Programs page, or are too complex and need a more in depth therapeutical approach.

All medical emergencies and complex cases have booking priority.

However, we ask you not to use this option other than for extremely rare and acute circumstances. Read our FAQs sections first and, if still in doubt, drop us an email ( - we will reply quick and straight forward. 

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Are you looking for a healthy alternative to show more consideration & value to your staff members? Would you like to have a more productive team, to help them avoid stress, overcome burnout and improve their overall working performance? Or maybe you could use a healthy lifestyle upgrade yourself?!

We offer custom-tailored nutritional solutions for staff & executives, to increase efficiency at work and also balance overall health.
We use superfoods & superherbs for that.
And we guarantee it works like a charm!

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Meal Plans

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

Food Industry

Receiving more and more requests from chefs, cafe and restaurant owners and food companies to help them with implementing more health conscious, plant-based recipes into their menu offering or product line, I decided to design a specific type of nutritional service that can save you a lot of time, effort and financial investment.

Learn from the expert: how to buy and use the best materials and equipment, what is the best source for high quality, organic ingredients and ultimately which recipes can be quickest upscaled for larger production and bring your brand forward in the industry.

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Non-food Industry

Feeding your employees healthy, nutritious meals will not only bring you fast & satisfactory results, but also happy customers! And let's not forget that a successful entrepreneur deserves the best treatment, to be able to constantly 'set the clock' and be a living example to the entire company.

We can help you make the most out of your cafeteria gastronomy, while also enjoying heavenly fresh, delicious and nourishing food, jam-packed with superfood goodness.
No more tasteless healthy recipes. No more hungry after-meal hours.
And we insist: no more sleeping under the desk after lunch!

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Your mind shines brightest when you enlighten others.

A day with The Superfood Doctor

Every second week of the month we schedule bespoke private events for personal learning, where Dr Olivia is going above and beyond to cover all aspects of a healthy plant-based lifestyle: from theoretical to practical aspects, including tips & tricks for the kitchen or debunking old-school myths.

Are you a long-time health-enthusiast and are looking for answers to burning questions about your diet or overall lifestyle? Do you have a private / corporate event that you want your guests to remember? Or maybe you want to get all the life-changing tools & knowledge in the comfort of your own home, for 6 full hours of 'nutritional pampering'?

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Workshops & Seminars

We organize monthly empowering community events, held by The Superfood Doctor and a team of experts (for example, a Cooking Workshop will include the participation of a raw-chocolatier or a plant-based chef).

Our 3 best-sellers: 

• Superfood Basics: 2 hours long, live seminar
• Raw Foods Basics: 4 hours long, live workshop
• Detox Basics Q&A: 6 hours long, live seminar

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Superfood Doctor Programs

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