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Immunity is bad when it's either deficient or hyper-active. We can help with both situations: solve a common cold or survive the germs your kid brought home from school or kindergarten; and then also temper autoimmune conditions, like psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, lupus or atopic dermatitis.


Duration: 1 month | Consultations: 4

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BRAIN Tonics ℠

Daily stress, poor quality sleep, unhealthy food choices & lack of physical exercise can cause severe damage to your neural tissue. Especially if your job is sedentary and you spend most of your working hours in front of the computer, you are in desperate need of our superfood-packed brain tonic recipes!


Duration: 2 months | Consultations: 8

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Hormone HEALTH

Reversing symptoms of endocrine imbalance is only possible when your body functions properly and is unaffected by external conditions. Whether we are talking about thyroid, pancreatic or reproductive hormones, we can help you get rid of the nasty symptoms and majorly lower your medication doses. 


Duration: 3 months | Consultations: 12

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Whether you struggle with painful joints, tooth decay, dry, aged skin, hearing loss or vision impairment, or you are simply looking for quick & easy rejuvenating solutions, with noticeable, long-lasting effects, then this program will benefit you the most. Start reversing the clock today!


Duration: 2 months | Consultations: 8

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