About the program

Here is a brief overview on how our Nutritional Programs work:

Detailed medical anamnesis
General Health fact sheet
List of specific medical analysis
Active anthropometry

General nutritional counselling
Personalized nutritional plan
(according to the medical analysis'
results and complete food diary)

Superfoods recommendation
Weekly follow-up starting point 

Depending on the complexity of the case and on the counselling pack you have chosen, you will attend additional weekly sessions.

The program includes 4 consultations of 30 minutes each.
Program's availability: 1 month (1 consultation every week).

We always recommend grouping the first 2 consultations into one initial session, to ensure that all theoretical knowledge is well understood and delivered to you as a whole.

To give you a little more perspective on our working ethic: 

  • in the first consulting sessions we discuss the theory, in order to have a common language in collaboration with Dr. Olivia
  • after that, you will receive recommendations for the plant remedies (with the schedule and recipe for breakfast)
  • we create a shopping list in your area
  • we email you the recipes for lunch and dinner 
  • then we begin the actual implementation of the new diet

Please see the FAQS section below, for further clarification.


immunity balance: our primary focus is to get rid of the pro-inflammatory food categories, that acidify the blood stream and keep a high toxin level in the body.

immunity reboot: once the blood stream is clean, we can facilitate the body's innate auto-power mechanisms to perform a complete 'system reboot', by using tonic-adaptogen superherbs and superfoods.

immune deficiencies: the white blood cell line plays a strategic role in immune defence (leukocytes are also known as the first line of 'immunity soldiers'), so we will try to boost their synthesis in the bone marrow and slow down their destruction in the spleen.

autoimmunity: all autoimmune antibodies can be targeted and removed by specific immunity cells, thus reversing the destruction of healthy self-tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

This theoretical information will literally change your life.
It will help you become aware of how your body works, what it needs to function properly and you will be amazed on how easy it is to feed yourself the best food on the planet: the SUPERFOODS! 

It is important to understand that the theoretical body of knowledge I offer to my patients and clients is information you receive 'FOR LIFE'.
That means that you make 1 investment and receive ALL the necessary tools & guidance to start a new, healthier & happier life, while being carefully guided along the way. 

You will be able to 'speak the same language' with your doctor, so that the steps you take together are all in the same direction and you don't get all confused. The target is to get you up & running as soon as possible + teach you how to keep your health in your own hands (except for, of course, acute medical emergencies). 

Please make sure to read this consulting room's policy in full, for a better understanding of your rights and duties as a patient.

In order to receive the medical recommendation for the therapeutical plant remedy (superfood-boosted drinks for breakfast), you have to go through all the theoretical steps, to ensure that your overall daily meal plan is sustainable for the remedy proposal and that you make the most out of this superfoods program. (excerpt from The SFD's consulting room policy)

The personalized meal plan is a result of 'screening' your medical history (rigorous anamnesis with the Dr + relevant analysis results), your current nutritional preferences (the weekly food diary) and your personal choice in matter of nutritional trajectory: you can choose between omnivore, (ovo-lacto) vegetarian, piscivore, vegan or raw-vegan. Or we can combine them so that the meal plan fits your needs perfectly.

You will usually receive your personalized meal plan after 3-4 introductory sessions of counselling with the Dr.

Dr Olivia can only guarantee results when you have gone through all the steps of the nutritional program - this is also the reason why you are being asked for detailed blood samples & medical investigations, that show exactly what your organism is lacking and what medical problems are involved, so that the Dr can treat them all at once and, this way, get closer to the positive end-result.

The Superfood Doctor's nutritional approach has nothing to do with the main-stream diets. We are not focusing on parts of the whole - instead we prefer a holistic overview of our patient's organism and try to keep it as simple & mathematic as possible. So you can always follow the equation and never get lost in the details.

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